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The 5 Shepards

“Just some pics of my Shepards from Mass Effect 2.”

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Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 26/JAN/10
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Thanks. I'm very excited for ME3. I have my concerns for the multiplayer/co-op stuff but I'm very excited to see the ending to Shepard.
I really like how you can create your own Shepard. His physical appearance, his sex - and this is why I like how you made 5 Shepards. And I like how this customisation affects the game. I didn't like ME2 to be more a 3rd person shooter than a RPG. And my concerns are ME3 will be again more shooter than ME2 was. But nevertheless I'm also looking forward to this final part of the series.

By the way your Hawke Shepard looks pretty creepy. I like that. But I wonder if you got anybody of your crewmembers to romance about you.
Ha! No everyone hated him. I'll copy over my comments about my characters that I was talking about with @Snipergirl.

"Serah Shepard - A Spacer and is Ruthless. She was full Renegade but was nice to the crew. She was my soldier and was in love with Liara from 1 and 2.

Vanessa Shepard - A Colonist and War Hero. She was full Paragon but would make poor choices, like handing over the collector base. Was with Alenko but then moved onto Jacob and is a Vanguard.

Jeffrey Shepard - An Earthling and a Solo Survivor. Did a mix of both Par and Ren, but would try to go Par when he could. Most choices had to be without the Par or Ren option. Was able to keep most of the team alive. Lost Zaeed, Kasumi, and Jack and was in love with Ashley but then went to Tali. He was my Adept.

Hawke Shepard - A Colonist and Solo Survivor. The Ultimate A-Hole. Had no friends from 1 or 2. Hated his team, the crew, and the Universe. Did everything wrong and still walked away alive. Lost all but 3 characters; Morinth because she's crazy, Grunt who is still in his tank, and Jacob. Don't ask how he survived I tried more then once to kill him. He had no lovers, and some how survived the suicide run, and is an Engineer.

Carlos Shepard - A Spacer and is a War Hero. The Ultimate Good Guy. Would be the best Paragon in the Universe. Only pulled Ren if it made getting through that area easier. Almost killed Zaeed during loyalty mission for mouthing off. Loved Liara and enjoyed Kelly's fine dancing. He's the Sentinel."

Carlos was my character I played on the insane difficulty. The funny thing of Jeffrey Shepard is the game glitched and one topic I picked instantly gave me full paragon. I didn't use it but I thought it was funny.

I can agree that ME2 was more shooter then RPG and I know ME3 will be heavy shooter as well. I've grinded my teeth about it. I guess I'll see what the game feels like when the demo hits next year.
I always end up playing my guys as good guys - probably because in real life I'm a "good guy". But it's funny to see that you can still "win" the game by being the a-hole and losing most of your crew. I wonder what Hawke's motivation for saving the earth in ME3 could be though lol
HA! Well just have to wait and see.

If I can get enough money saved up I need to buy a new computer. Since the one I'm using is crap. Then I can start recording my game play with my Hauppauge again.
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