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Alpha Protocol a beginning walkthrough

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So last week one of my friends wanted to know how I ran through the beginning of Alpha Protocol. Although I gave him crap for this I decided to make a very detailed walkthrough for him. I explain how I ran through GreyBox and Saudi Arabia. If anyone is interested here it is.

Start on easy (or feel free to play hard same tactics will work too) and pick Field Agent leave the skill set as is and start game.


Once you wake up and pick up the PDA Mina will talk to you choose (B) for all topics, she will help you out of the area. Once door is unlock just run out it and through the next door, turn right and beat the guard down. Walk through door do tutorial on alarms, then duck down and move through next door. Stay to the right and just keep crab walking all the way up to the next guard and take him down with a silent attack. (He should be looking at the alarm by the time you take him down.) If there is a guard across the way, make sure he is not moving and then move to gun on table and take it. Once you have it head right for the guard and take him down with a silent attack. Still crab walking head for door, walk in and take down guard, now head down the stairs. Feel free to stand to move faster get past the camera and then duck down again before opening door.

Walk through door and hide just next to the wall no need to lean against it. Once the guard has walk just a bit away from you take him down. While looking around with your camera you should see one more guard he's to your left opening a door. Once you're finished with the first guard just head straight for him and take him down. OK you’re done with the guards in this area. Feel free to stand run across the room to the other side to get ammo if you want and then leave the area following the yellow circle. Now it’s time for lockpicking finish that and head through the door turn left grab the ammo and continue through the next. You'll watch some CG. Now after picking up the ammo head down stairs and slowly follow the guard, wait for him to stop and then take him down then climb ladder. (If you don’t take him down he will see you as you climb.) Once up top stay in crab walk and walk across catwalk turn left and head through door. Now do the hacking tutorial, then just head for the door on the left and your done.

In conversation with Westridge pick (B) (Y) (B), you’ll get 1 (+) out of that. Time to level up! Pick Stealth and Sabotage then move on. Head over and get Mike’s clothing and his face the way you want it. Now head for the computer to your left, hack it read the info and then move to the gadget room which will be to your right (if facing the PC) and down the hall on your left. Talking to Darcy use (X) through whole conversation then its off to the tutorial on gadgets. Follow the instructions on how to use grenades and then how to use EMP ones. Now when you get the grenades in this room once time starts hurry to the door on your left and plant an grenade then run back and hide behind the wall. After this one is complete Darcy will talk some more during this grab more grenades. Now the garage near you will open up. As fast as you can plant grenades on the left and right of the steel garage door to your left in that room. Also you want to plant a grenade on the pillar right in front of the door and one to the left one too. Then plant one on the small pillar thing. Once this is done feel free to use up all the grenades on the other pillars you only need 3 to go off for now but you want to plant the rest all over the room. Once Darcy says you’re done head back to him, if you got over 100 on your score you get to do it again but for money. So he will ask if you want to say YES and then AGREE. Now once the garage opens hit LB and then RB this will show you where the guards are and turn off the first alarm give you a 1 out of 3. Beat up the guards and then run over to the alarm on the wall and deactivate it now that’s 2 of 3. Alarm goes off again this time run over to the other side of the room and hide or beat up people if you need to once radio is full hit RB and your done, that’s 3 of 3. Head up get the money and now head over to the gun area.

OK Guns suck; they suck badly in this game. Head in and talk with Mina use (B) through the whole conversation. Now during the gun tutorial the only area that is really important is when the timer starts. This happens when she says time for moving targets the goal is to shot everything quickly without missing and then run through the whole area so you will have a low time and high accuracy. This doesn’t always work. So shoot the first enemy while it stands and then shoot the moving one from the left and then the right. Now head in to that room and look to you right and shoot the one in the back. Now run to the shotgun. Grab shotgun and shoot the one to the left then right then aim down center until both are in your shotgun circle and fire. Try to get the outer red ring to cover your crosshairs but don’t wait to long or one will go behind the other and you will miss multi-kill. Now run left and down hall kill the enemy, turn right kill enemy. Grab SMG and spray enemies without missing to badly. Then shoot the 2 coming in through the door. Run to Assault Rifle! Aim straight (You’ll know if your aiming right because when the enemy pops up if it’s in your scope your good.) Take it down and then without moving shoot the one from the right and then the left. Look up and shoot the first one and then move your aim over to the right and shoot the last one you’re done. Go back to Mina using (B) through the conversation you’ll get score. If higher than 100 she asks if you want to do it over so say YES. Then head back up the ladder and wait for Darcy, then shot him in the junk. Congratulations you’re done with guns.

Off to Stealth which will be to you’re left. Now while talking to Parker use (B) through whole conversation. Now once tutorial begins climb ladder, hack computer, dodge the first camera. Jump over the hole, wait for camera and drop down to lower area. Now turn around and run over to other wall turn left and hack door, now crab walk. Jump over the wall and get behind the camera turn and walk down corridor make sure to crab walk and don’t let the camera see you. DONOT JUMP OVER that wall or you will be seen. Instead crab walk down the hall stay to right but make sure not to hit the metal bars that are on the floor. Silent attack the guard head over to ladder. Now it’s up to you. You can wait for the guard to make his rounds then you will wait for him to head back to the door in the very back and then jump onto the zip-line and head down and take him. Or just climb the ladder take the zip the alarm will sound but just head for the door in front of you. You’re done head to Parker. This one is easy and you should have easily gotten 100 even with the alarm. He will ask to do it again say no, then follow up with all (B)’s during the conversation if you got 100 then replay with YES use (B) one last time and then you leave.

I recommend saving here because if you mess up and still do the mission you will get a (-) from Parker and the auto-saves are quirky making you restart farther back or not at all. We don’t want that. So heading back to the medical area Parker will give you access to the room and you head in. Before heading in, get into crab walking mode and then head on in. You’ll see the guard in the back he should be already looking at the wall to the right head over to the right and start crabbing towards him. He should start heading to the left get up to him and silent attack. Now head back to the rooms on the left and right to get data. DONOT stand up or the guard up stairs will see you. Even if you use silent run! Now crab walk through the door in the back again dodge the camera head up the stairs through the door. Now you should see the guard near the same alarm area where you took one down before. Make your way to the second object in the center of the walkway and wait for him to make his way back to the computer. Once he is at the pillar near the computer area head for him and do a silent attack. Grab the ammo and make your way to the next door, feel free to grab ammo to the right of that door with the waypoint. Now crab walk into the next room and then open the next door. There will be another guard so take him down too. Go ahead and stand up grab the mission data and before heading back the other briefcase in the back. Now head back to the camera, you can walk all the way back. Now once you’re at the camera area go back to crab walking, dodge the camera and head into the next room. The guard will be on your left heading for the door. Just sneak up to him and take him down, now leave the area and get back to parker. Use (B) through the whole conversation with Parker.

FYI – When taking down the guards even if you take them down and no alarm is sounded if there arrow icon turns yellow YOU HAVE FAILED. That means any sneak mission like the one in Taiwan. If you are seen the outcome will not be in your favor during the story or getting (+) from characters.

Time to head to Westridge!

Conversation with him went like this (Y B B Y B Y X B) choose (A) to end or continue with this (Y X Y Y) last area with him use (B).

Congratulations! Greybox is done for now off to the safe house.


Now with this conversation with Westridge use this (Y Y Y Y B). Once done time to level up!

Pick Stealth, Sabotage and now add in a new one Technical Aptitude and continue.

Time to check emails, download everything that comes your way. Make sure to use (B) when replying to Mina then head over to the Clearinghouse, buy all the Intel. No need for anything else unless you feel like you need it buy some gadgets (any if you want) now head over to the weapon locker. Make sure you put the silencer on your hand gun and make sure you have your Hamilton AR 21 equipped also. Now you’re done with the locker. Check the house if you wish, save the game and when done head for the front door.


Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer

You start the mission with a conversation use (B) and head inside. The alarm will sound after you make your way in and through the first down on your left. Don’t worry about the alarm for now. Head into the next area and you should see several red arrows switch to your rifle and take cover on the corner of the building looking down the corridor where the enemies are. Kill all of them, now head into the building in the back and deactivate the alarm gather any item on first floor then head up gather the last item then head back down stairs and head to your right. Feel free to unlock the door it gives you +25 exp but that's it.

Now make your way around until you hit the save check point and then drop down into crab walk. Westridge will talk to you once you get to the next area. Once your up near an area that shows you some blue arrows look over to your left you will see a door that you can lockpick. Crab walk up to it and use a EMP on it (controls for that is RB), you can pick it but if you take to much time the guard above you will see you. Head in and down the stairs take down the guard jump over wall and head up to the corridor. While still crab walking head down the corridor to the door on your left, quickly head in and grab the bag to your right turn around and lockpick safe. Now lean against the wall before heading out the door.

There are 2 guards you must watch out for. The first one is one the ground in front of you walking in a circle. The other is up on the second level to your left. The quickest way around them is to wait for the lower guard to be near your door while the guard up top is stopped and is looking over the edge. That is when you get off the wall, leave the building turn left crab walk for a bit and then turn left down the next corridor. If you’re nervous just wait for the guard on top to walk all the way over to the left and then turn around and as he is walking away from you look at the guard on the floor if he is looking a different way then crab walk to the area I said earlier.

No alarm? Good now head into the building in the back on your right. You can stand up and walk for now. When you get to the stairs grab the ammo and make your way up them. Once the auto-save happens hit the crab walk. Once up top climb down ladder and drop to the ground head over to the large crate that Mike will be looking at right before he drops down. Mike should be on the dark side of that huge crate and a guard will walk over to it and talk to an invisible person. Don’t worry only if you didn’t buy the Intel would that guy be there. Now wait for him to turn around and walk away. Now get off the crate and stay under the dark walkway and head for the wall that is to Mikes right. You will see an item in front of you also there is an item to the right behind the last crate. Crab both and then stay close to the pillars and make your way to your left. That guard that was talking to the invisible person should be heading to you. Wait for him to walk into the walkway area and take him down.

Head into the light leave the walkway and turn right you should see a guard under another walkway near a ladder. Just walk over to him and take him down. Climb onto the ladder but don't go too far up and look up with the camera. If you where fast enough the guard should be right above you. Wait for the guard to move away from you climb the ladder and take him down. Now we want the bag that is down stairs, if you took that guard down while you where next to the ladder just wait there and let the last guard down below make his round. When he is near the slopped access area just head down it crab walking and take him out. Now get the bag, head back up the ramp and through the door.

Climb down into the palace and open the door under the area you just dropped in from. Open first door, lockpick the next and grab the Intel and backtrack out to the big door. Open them and quickly crab walk over to him and take him down. Now head towards the next guard, but instead of going for him aim to hide behind the third pillar to your right. He will stop by that pillar for a second and then turn around. Once he turns around loop around the pillar and take him out then head into the door.

Now this area is stupid. While in crab walk don’t stop, don’t look around just follow this and you’ll walk right on through. Open the next door and turn right keep crabbing all the way over until you have to turn left. Turn left keep crabbing all the way until you have to turn right or left. Turn right and head though the door. Crab walk all the way to the save checkpoint and then the arrows should go away. Turn around and head back. Guess what? Enemies are gone. Collect the items, lockpick the safe, leave the computer alone or you will set off the alarm. Once you’re done head back to the save checkpoint area.

Now you’re at the last area before Nasri, and you have 5 guards and you need to take them down. Fastest is to switch to rifle just to be safe and then open the door run in and beat down the two guards below you the one in the back and the one to your left. The last one is up above you to the right just shoot him. That’s it all that’s left is Nasri, ammo to your left, a briefcase to the right, and if you bought the Intel for the label changing. If you bought the Intel head up the ladder where the guard was and change the labels head back down and talk to Nasri.

When the conversation starts use (B X).

Mission Completed.


Check email, check Clearinghouse buy Intel, save the game, and then head out the front door.

Bug Al-Samad Airfield

You’ll start off talking to Mina you’ll be picking ever topic during this conversation. The topics are Shaheed, Airfield, and Alpha Protocol. During the conversation use (B) through the whole conversation until it is over. Now time to head to the airfield.

You start behind a wall get off the wall crab walk over to the guard and take him down then dodge the camera. Make your way around the building head up the ladder and drop down the building on the side near the tower. Now wait for the guard on ground level to turn his back to you and climb the tower ladder. Take out the guard and if you bought the Intel us the sniper rifle on the guard below and the guard in the other tower. Climb down head over to the to the next tower making sure no camera sees you. Climb the tower and jump over to the building. Head over to the ladder, climb up, and then jump over to the boxes and then over to the other building.

Head to the door on your left and head in and then head to your right and crab the bag. Now head for the ladder climb down and take out the first guard and then the second. Two ammo boxes are to your right and a mod is in the back of the building. Now it’s time to leave that building through the door on your left. Head out and head straight for the opening in the next building. You should see a guard take him down and to your right is ammo. Then double back you should find a guard in the back looking at the wall. Take him out, grab the case that was next to him and then hack the computer. Now you need to head back towards the building that had the elite guards but stop about midway, before the door. You should be in about the middle point of the truck that is to your left. Now look to your right and you should see a tower with a gunman manning a turret. Take out your rifle and aim at his head. Make sure your aim is dead on (meaning the crosshairs have turned red and the 4 arrows are touching) and take him out. No alarm, no worries head back into the building with the computer.

Head out the back door to your left in the building and make your way to the truck. Sit and wait for the guard to pass the truck you're at then move up to him and take him out. Then head to the next truck sit and wait until the other guard is walking away from you head to him and take him out. Head through the door on the right take out the guard in front of you and then head to the guard in your right near the truck and take him out. Now lean against the wall near the door and open it. The guard should be walking away from you head out and walk under the camera and head into the next building. Open the door and...

LEVEL UP TIME! Why now? I don’t know it just does, pick Sabotage and Technical Aptitude.

Now quickly head for the crates, one guard is behind you and will see you if you stay. The other guard the one you saw as you headed into the building is the one you want first. So quickly after getting to the crates head around the left side of the crate and take him down. Then head over to the guard that was behind you and drop him. Plant the charges on the crates, gather the items on the shelf and head out the back door. Outside head for the tower you’ll pick up ammo then climb the ladder take down the guard and zip-line over to the ground.

Head to the right and take the ladder up the building. Head over to the ladder on top of the building and climb down. Now lean against the wall on the left of the door and open it. Wait for the guard to come over stop and then turn around follow him and take him down. Now move onto the guard that is in the room to you right. He should be looking at the wall in the back. Take him down then lockpick the safe and then head down the stairs slowly. Wait for the first guard to turn around and head back now move over to the wall next to the area you show the guard and wait for the next. Once the next guard stops or turn around take him down. This guard is tricky sometimes because he will either see you or not see you. If he sees you beat him and his partner down quickly then hide to see if anyone investigates. If not just take him down and then his partner. Hack the computer and the make you way back up stairs. Once back up stairs head to your left and then turn right there should be one more guard down here. Wait for him to stop moving and then take him down. Now grab the item in the back and hack the computer, now head for the stairs.

There should be one guard on the stairs just wait for him to turn around and take him down. Then head up to the control tower walk right over to the last guard and drop him. Grab the last two items and then plant the bug.

Mission Completed.


Talking to Mina again use (B) through entire conversation. Check email, buy Intel, buy some EMP if you used some, save game, leave house.

Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile

Mission starts with you talking to Darcy and going through some topics. Handler, Detention Camp, and Alpha Protocol do them all and respond buy using (X) for all choices.

Once the mission starts just crab walk up to the first enemy and take him down. Walk around the corner and head up to the top path. You should see a guard blinded by the storm take him down. Quickly jump over to the tower and hide on the wall to the left. Wait for him to come close the storm kick sup again and take him down. Keep moving forward you’ll run into one more guard so drop him and then should come to a save checkpoint.

Climb down the ladder, then climb down the next ladder and then drop off the edge. Climb up the ladder to your right but stop just short enough so you can use the camera to see the guard above you. Now wait for him to come back towards you and when the storm blinds him climb up drop him and then grab the item. Continue to the back and drop off back to the ground.

Now head under the towers and head all the way over to the next ladder but don’t climb it. Look across the way and see the other ladder take that one instead. Once up top quickly head over to the bag and pick it up. Now if you have been buying Intel you can quickly crab walk to the right and up the ladder no sweat. If not first make sure the guard is over to the left not the right and then head to the ladder but watch out there might be a guard there. If so take him out and then head to your right. Darcy will talk to you head into the door take out the guard grab the item head up the stairs. Switch off the generator.

Now use the zip-line next to you and swing down to the floor. This should make you knock over a guard quickly hit B and stomp on him. Also make sure you’re still crab walking and hit the wall to your right. So you can watch the enemies. When clear slip into the steel doors next to you. LEVEL UP TIME! Finally pick stealth and Sabotage. You now have the one of the best moves in the game Shadow Operative. Right now it’s weak only 5 second but by the end you get 20 second and that’s a lot.

Now once inside head down the stairs and loop to your left and Darcy will talk. Wait for the guard to walk past you then either lockpick or EMP the door to your right. Head down ladder get item, hide against the door and open it. Wait for the guard to turn around and start walking away and take him down. Then grab the case that was under the stairs. Now head up the stairs to your right it’s the staircase that had the case under it. Watch out for the guard; don’t take him unless you took down the very first guard that was here. If you did what I did just wait for him to walk past you from left to right and then move pass him and head for the door. Open the door, turn right, and grab the bag then head out the next door. Quickly if you can without the guard seeing you move halfway down the stairs and wait for him to turn around. Once he turns take him. There will be another guard to your right; he might even be looking right at you no worries take him ASAP. Just one more and I bet he heard some noise? If not wait for him to turn around and take him if he did just beat him down when he turns the corner. Hack the lock head to the back and pick up the two items then return to the door and pick it.

Walk through both doors and up the stairs. Now stop before reaching the top so you can watch the guard turn around and walk away. Once he does that is when you head up but go for the guard to your right. Once he is down the other guard should of meet up with the third guard that is up there. If not take him down it will alert the other guard so just run over to him and beat him down, no alarm will happen. If he meets up with the other guard you should still have explosive grenades, it’s time to use them. Hug a wall that has your camera looking at both of them, and throw a grenade in-between both. Boom! Both should drop if not run in and beat the one that lives. Now search the area for two gadgets and a bag before hacking the computer.

OK before you hack you should have some grenades, let’s place them. Place a incinerate grenade on the pillar that you saw just outside of the area you are in. There are two pillars place it on the pillar closest to the middle doorway. Now place an explosive grenade in the middle hallway and if you have two more grenades on in the left and one in the right area. Then go hack the computer, once finished people will rush in. Hide behind the lockers. If really lucky your incinerate grenade will kill them all. If not it will kill 2 or 3 just wait for their arrows to turn blue and then sneak up and kill them, or just pull out your rifle and take them down.

When they are all dead head for the pillars and turn left head down corridor and then turn left again. Make your way up stairs and open the door and wait for the guard to run by. (This areas is messy) Turn to your left and head for the area you started. You should see a bazooka guy up there head to him and take him out. Then climb down ladders and then up the ladder across from you head over and take out the next bazooka guy. Now head back to the ladder you climb and climb down. (Oh the guy on the roof in-between the towers he will see you no matter what but don’t worry.) Now head up the stairs, if the bazooka guy showed up take him down if not head over to the third bazooka guy and take him down. Now take the fourth. Now head back and use the turret and shot every guard you see especially the one that climbs the right tower since he wants to use the turret too. Once all dead head over to the two towers and climb the one on the left grab the item jump over onto the roof then jump down and run for the heli.

Mission Complete


Time to talk to Darcy again, and again you will pick the topics Handle and Intel. Do both and make sure you respond with (X) to them all.

Now read emails, and this time go ahead and buy some gadgets maybe some health, or incinerate grenades you might not use them but you never know. Check all your equipment, upgrade your weapons with some of the items you found while traveling. Once you are finished head for the door.

Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missiles

Start by heading to your right look left to see some ammo then head out the door that is behind you. Once outside turn left and head straight for the tower, climb it and take down the guard. Unless he drops something don’t waste any time grab the zip-line. Once on the ground do the same thing you did in the bug mission. Climb the ladder head over and head over to the ladder that takes you into the building and climb down it. Grab the bag and then hug the same wall like last time and open the door. Wait for the guard to walk over and stop, once he stops walking go get it. Then turn around head back into the room on your right and take that guard down. Again you will lockpick the safe and head down stairs. Don’t worry about any enemies down here this time, you will find 2 times and then hack the computer and then head back up stairs.

Once up stairs head to your left but when you get to the door way where the yellow circle is look to your right make sure that guard doesn’t see you. Head in turn right and take that guard down, he should be in the other room looking at the shelves. Grab the money if it’s there and turn around and get read to head to your left. Because you’re climbing those stairs again, this time there are 3 guards in this area. If the guard on the stairs is up stairs make your way into that run but stay over to the right and under the stairs in the back. Watch the guard come down the stairs for a bit then he will stop. When he turns around follow him up and take him down. Then just keep heading up those stairs, you’ll come up on the control tower just keep heading in and walk right up to the closest guard and take him down then turn and head for the one near the computer and drop him. Grab the item, and hack the computer. Now once you get down the stairs keep walking straight for the yellow circle but watch out for the guard that comes in the door to the left. He kicks the door open and runs in. Just wait near the down and drop him when he enters.

Head out that door around the building and pull the switch to the door and head through. Walk down the hill you’ll see a guard don’t worry just keep walking he turns around soon. Once you get down to his level head to your right around the crate that is there and make your way to the fence. Jump over it head left and grab the case. Turn around and you will see a camera guarding a ladder. Once you’re clean of the camera climb the ladder and head to your right. Wait for the guard to be below you then drop on him and hit (B) to stomp him. Now hide behind the crate that is behind you, also you get a bag there. Now while hiding behind the crate, stand up out of crab walk. I hope you crab walked the whole stage so far, anyway now hit left on the D-Pad and switch to Silent Run. Wait for the guard to head to left on the screen and when he will stops get off the wall hit LB and head towards him but turn right and head through the open door area. The door will close behind you that area is done.

Back to crab walking! Ok after a while you’ll come up onto a guard take him down and keep heading the direction he was walking. You’ll come to a building just head up to the door open it turn left take that guard down. Now just head up to the guard on the computer and take him down. Grab the 2 items and hack the computer. Now leave the building and head back down the hill.

Once down the hill you’ll see a guard, his back will facing you so take him down and then head for the door to your right. Head inside building grab the back then back track out the door. Hug the wall to your left, you’ll be watching the camera move back and forth, and wait for the guard to head to you and stop. He might be looking at you just wait for him to look the other way and then take him down. Don’t move from where you took him down because the camera might be facing you. Just watch it until it looks the other way then move under the camera and once it sweeps the door head in that door to your right.

Once in the building head around to the left and grab the case. Then head back you’ll see a door to your right go through it. Up the stairs and open the next door. Now check before entering there is a guard to your left but he’s outside but there is a large window that he might see you through. Once he moves past the window head into the room and pickup the item and head over to the door. Wait by the left side of the door, the guard will come back take him down. Now head to your left dodge the camera and head through the door.

After the talking grab the bag head over to the computer to your left and hack it. Now head through the door to your left crab walk all the way over to the guard and drop him. Now head back to the ladder but don’t drop, make sure the ammo you have in your hand gun is not the tranquilizer and take aim at the guard closest to you on the floor down stairs. Wait for the crosshairs to turn red and the four dots touch and then shoot him. Now head around to your left on the catwalk, you have 2 more guards to kill. Wait for the farthest guard to walk behind the crates and then shoot the closest guard. Now follow the other guard to where he stops take aim and drop him. You might have to stand up and stand very close to the railing to hit him. Which is why you kill him last or the other guard would of saw you. Now climb down the ladder.

Once down there is a door behind you head through it and grab the item. You’re finished there head back towards the ladder but turn right and head for the yellow circle. Now unless the guards drop items, you will only find a mod item and ammo on your way to the door hack the door and head through.

LEVEL UP TIME! Level up Sabotage until you can’t level it anymore and then add the last one to Technical Aptitude.

Alright drop back down into crab walk and head behind the crate away from the guard. Wait for him to walk away and head for the ladder climb up it and take the guard down. Now zip-line over you’ll knock this guard over. Get away from the turret so you can stomp him or you’ll just grab the turret and he will stand up. Once he is stomped through, grab the turret and kill both men down below. Climb down the ladder head to your left and over the fence.

Crab walk down the path you’ll come up to three guards. Wait for the one closest to you and on the left to turn around and head back. Now head up the path on your right and walk right up to the guard and drop him. Pick up the 2 items back behind you then head back over to the drop area. Now you can either watch the guard and drop down behind him when you can, or you can wait for him to be under the drop area and just jump down on him and give him a good stomp. Once he is out hit you’re left D-Pad and switch to Shadow Operative and continue moving to you left.

Now drop down again and Mike will talk to Westridge. While he is doing that you head to the second crate and hide. Wait for the guard to move past the crate ALSO keep an eye on the boss make sure he is walking an not looking and then you will hug the wall to your left and head all the way up to the last crate in the area. So far so good no one has seen you. Now this is the trick part.

You want to active Shaow Operative the moment the guard in the back turns around. You only get 5 SECOND of this skill! So when the guard turns you hit it and then crab out behind the crate and head for the stairs to your left. Mike will uncloak near the base of the stairs, that’s ok but don’t stop moving. Crab up the stairs the boss should be walking away from you. So just head for the yellow circle and then you’ll see a cut scene and get the bosses rifle.

Now for the vehicle fight. Did you glow a weird green? That’s because you deactivated any alarm so you won’t have any more than the 3 guards and the vehicle now. So switch to your rifle and head to your left and hide behind the crate. Pick up the ammo kill both enemies below you and then turn and take aim and shoot the guard in the tower. Now use the zip-line down to the ground.

On the ground turn around and the truck to your left should blow up. So run over grab bazooka and hit the tank. Now run over to the next truck grab bazooka and hit the tank. Final hit now just run to the third truck grab bazooka and hit the tank. Congratulations! The take is destroyed. Now if you’re playing hard you need to head to one more bazooka which will be to your right grab it and finish the tank.

After the CG it’s time to talk to Leland. It doesn’t matter which one you choice here I picked (B) after that conversation you talk to Shaheed next and during this conversation use (B) through the whole thing. Keep him alive when given the choice to kill or trust. Now AP betrays you the bitches! Use (B) when talking to Mina.

Mission Complete


While talking to Mina again keep using (B) for all conversations.

LEVEL UP TIME! This time you get to pick a new skill set. Choose Spy and level up Stealth and Technical Aptitude.

Leland’s turn again just use (Y) for this conversation. Now it’s time to pick a place. Let’s head for Rome!


Talking to Scarlet use (Y B X X)


You’ll have another conversation with Mina again use (B) through the whole thing. You level up again but you already did this so just exit.
Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 25/MAY/10
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