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DarthOdium's gameplay for Suikoden V (PS2)

DarthOdium played Suikoden V

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DarthOdium said...
  • excited
Started playing this game again because I really like the story. Also I needed a break from .hack//INFECTION.
Suikoden V

Suikoden V (PS2)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 23/MAR/06
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BaH! I hated that one, it had load screens. FOR EVERYTHNGI! Get into a fight? Load screen. Go into a house? Load screen. go into a cut scene? Load Screen. >.<......Although the story WAS pretty good......
The load screens on this one didn't bother me as bad. Now Shining Tears that was bad. I didn't like the delay I had from going in and out of the menu screens. But it was the story that keep me going. Which is why I still play it.
Hey, any storyline is better in the suikoden series than IV. I just wish they'd come out with a sequel to this series that's as well managed as 1-3. After these came out, it..I don't know, it just went downhill really fast IMO.
I don't know what Konami did after 3 I guess they wanted a lot of water and crap. Then 5 came out yeah the game could be better because of how slow it is. I've even played the DS one. I hope they come out with another one. I've always like this series.
IV I think was just bad, in all honesty. The gameplay looked terrible and they could of made a lot of improvement to the ship battles they tried to implement. It was just a good idea that just went sour. =|
let's not forget the unth battle you get into at every 3 second interval.
Well in 5 you can change how frequent the random battles came. So that never bothered me, unless we're still talking 4, then yes that sucked.
are you kidding me? in 4 you couldn't take more than 5 steps in some dungeons...or even in some townships for that matter..without running into something. Be it seaweed or behemoths. I'm just glad there weren't time sensitive locations you had to get to. You'd never make it.
OK you're still talking 4. Yeah I agree I didn't like 4 because I would run out of items and I would have to run away to make it some where.
bleh. don't get me started on that too. I just wish they'd reveal all of the 27 true runes and just have an all out go in the world. throw in some of the beloved Heroes from the previous installments, multi-tier the story like they did in 3, which btw I liked, a lot, except the korgoro dog chapter. Didn't think it was nessesary. But since True Rune bearers are immortal, I'd love to see battles like McDohl and Geddoe just go all out against Yuber and his annoying Eightfold rune........ahem....you know....not that I keep track of these sorts of things. >.> <.<
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