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DarthOdium's gameplay for Dark Souls (X360)

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So while my Skyrim is being replace, and I finished up Fate/Extra a while ago. I decided to buy Dark Souls for the 360. I have already master the PS3 version of the game. So I was curious about the 360 version.

The game plays like the PS3 I absolutely can't stand this version. All the bugs and glitches in the PS3 version are amplified. The frame rate is horrible almost all the time. It's almost impossible to play PVP/Co-op since it's so choppy. The sound cuts in and out, but the worst is the environment will cut in and out. Several times that I have returned to Firelink Shrine everything was missing and had to wait a couple seconds before everything reappeared.

Dark Souls isn't as awesome as Demon's Souls, but the 360 version is just horrible. I will however still master this version but if I want to replay it. I will stick with my PS3 one.
Dark Souls

Dark Souls (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Action/RPG Adventure
Release Date: 04/OCT/11
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